Widdershins refers to walking in a counter-clockwise circle, we enjoy doing things a little
differently, as our farm name and choice of lifestyle shows.
Since we are both Maine natives, we know first hand that living in Maine requires being
resourceful and dedicated, and we both have jobs outside our farm.  
Chris is a truck driver and Wendy is a retired veterinary assistant.

For many years we have practiced a self sufficient lifestyle, raising our own meat and an
extensive garden.  For over 30 years we have had a milk cow to provide us with milk, cheese and
butter.  Our life has included raising meat rabbits, dairy goats, horses & the dogs.

After purchasing our current farm in 2004 we started a commercial farm venture with
our breeding herds of Devon cattle, Nigerian Dwarf goats, & Katahdin sheep
and in 2011 we purchased Large Black Hogs.

As a licensed creamery & farm store we sell raw milk, cheeses, yogurt & eggs.
Seasonally we have beef & lamb available in the farmstore

We are firm believers in sustainable agriculture and in caring for our livestock
in as natural a way as possible.

All our animals are raised by their mothers and every animal we sell
was born and raised here.
About Widdershins, LLC & Us