Kinder & Miniature Nubian Goats


are the only dual purpose breed of goat (dairy & meat) and were developed
in Washington state in the 1970s by crossing Nubians with Pygmys.  They are
shorter and more heavily muscled then Nubians but have the Nubian dairy
capacity and components.  They are year round breeders like Pygmys and can
have long lactations and heavy carcass weights for those interested
in producing chevon (goat meat).
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were developed as a smaller dairy goat by crossing Nubians with
Nigerian Dwarfs.  They have the dairy qualities of each breed, but are a finer
and less heavily muscled than Kinders.  They also are year round breeders.
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Our Herd & Sales Policy

In 2019 we not only become a licensed creamery we also added both Kinders and
Miniature Nubians
to our dairy goat herd (previously Nigerian Dwarfs, an Alpine & Mine-Alpines).

Goats are herd animals and we sell goats in pairs unless buyers already own goats or
Dam raised kids remain here until 8 weeks old.
Bottle kids may go at 2 weeks old, our kids are only bottle raised if they
are orphaned or are quads.

All kids are disbudded, vaccinated and receive a BoSe injection.
We use herbal wormer unless we feel alternative deworming is needed so kids
may not have been dewormed before leaving.

Buck & doe kids sold for breeding will be sold with registration applications.
We will determine if bucklings are of breeding quality and will wether accordingly.
Wethers will not be registered.

A nominal non-refundable deposit will hold kids until pickup.
Additional boarding will be charged if we have to hold kids for an extended period.

Bucklings & Doelings $ 350
Wethers $ 100
Pictures and Info
on individual goats
coming soon!