Widdershins Miniature
Mini Donkeys are gentle, easy to care for pets.  They do
not require a lot of room and should not be over-fed and
allowed to become obese.  They can be trained to ride
and drive and are generally good with other animals like
sheep or goats.  They are not as good as guard animals
as larger donkeys.

There are many sources for information about Mini
Donkeys on the web, and we are happy to talk with
people about our knowledge and experiences with
these great little animals as well.

We acquired our pair of Miniature Donkeys in March of
2009 and had a jenny foal in 2010.

We are expecting a donkey foal in 2018.

Our jack donkey "Gepeto" is available for breeding
services to donkeys or pony mares.  To inquire about
breeding services or future donkeys availability contact
us at 207-564-7926 or
Gepeto our jack donkey.