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Maine is one of 17 states that allows the sale of raw or unpasteurized milk from state
licensed facilities.  We sell goat & cow milk as well as cheeses & yogurt.

Cow milk is available in 1/2 gallon glass jars for $ 3.50
Goat milk is available in quart glass jars for $ 3.00   (Seasonal May - November)

Our products include from the cows:  Plain & Vanilla Yogurt in quarts for $ 4.00
Mozzarella  - Marinated in 6 oz. containers for $ 5.00
                    Whole mozzarella - plain for $ 9.00 a lb
                                                    herbed for $ 9.50 a lb

From our goats:  Feta - 6 oz for $ 5.00
                              Chevre - 6 oz for $ 6.00 - various flavors (garlic & chive, bacon & chive,
dill & pepper, etc.)
(Goat products are seasonal May - November)
Our dairy animals include our Jersey cows and a mixed herd of
Kinder, Mini-Nubian and Mini-Alpine and Alpine goats.  We do not
adhere to standard dairy farm practices of removing calves and
kids from their mothers at birth.  Our cows & goats raise their
offspring but they are separated in the afternoon (over night) and
we milk just in the morning before allowing the mothers and
babies to be reunited for the day.   This makes for happy, healthy
animals and cuts our work load greatly.  It does mean that we don't
get as much milk, but it's not just about making product.  It's about
everyone being happy and less stressed, both the animals and us.